What is the Fun in Baking?

Baking is one of those activities that is beneficial to everyone.  It gives the chef a sense of accomplishment and pride.  And it gives the people eating the goodies a certain happiness. 

There is so much joy involved in this activity.  It can put a smile on everyone's face.  It is the gourmet cake at a party that can stimulate a conversation.  It is the chocolate chip cookies  sitting on the counter after school that make kids excited. 

 I don’t know how many times my husband has walked through the kitchen door after work looking tired and exhausted but the minute he sees the muffins sitting on the stove or the chocolate cake frosted on the counter he immediately perks up and finds a new source of energy. 

 I find new energy myself whenever I see him perk up and grin at the sight of me busy in an apron leaning over the oven.  

Being busy in the kitchen is an activity that is fun for the entire family.  It gives kids a certain feeling of exhilaration and anticipation when mom asks them to come help bake.  Their eyes light up at the thought.  And when they see their works of art come piping hot out of the oven, they are overjoyed and can hardly wait to start eating.  

What would you like to learn?

Here on this website you will find everything you could ever possibly want to know about this art.  There are...

  • Be introduced to some of the best cookbooks
  • Learn the secrets of moist, tender chicken
  • Want to try out different mixes?

 And the list goes on and on…

This is an art that will never fade away or go out of style.  Becoming a better chef is something that anyone can strive towards.  Don’t ever become intimidated if your cake collapses for the twentieth time or your cookies are rock hard or if your sauce fails to thicken.  And if you’re already a one-of-a-kind baker well I congratulate you.

So, put on your chef’s cap and heat up the oven and discover or keep discovering the joy in being busy in the kitchen!

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